The Girl, The Boy & The Rest

by Alex Kozobolis

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this album received a 4/5 from The Silent Ballet, here's what they had to say about it_

"Alex Kozobolis is a multi-talented artist from London, to whom making music appears to be a need rather than a choice, judging from the volume of work he continuously releases. The Girl, the Boy and the Rest is a short film he wrote and directed about a compulsive writer and an insomniac whose lives intersect. It is unclear how much he can relate to the characters in his film, but the music feels like the soundtrack of a mind that cannot rest as well as a sensitive soul that is full of compassion. Kozobolis has explored a variety of styles with his many releases (which are all highly recommended) either under his own name or with The Iona Room, but in this particular album, the fragile melodies ooze with melancholy and turn the music into a cleansing experience. Kozobolis is musically akin to 'Olafur Arnalds, and the album produces the same effect as the latter's lovely Found Songs. The two troubled souls encounter despair, joy, then despair again, but in the end they make peace with themselves and the music, which alternates between quiet melodies and pieces that could have been found in a horror film soundtrack. The Girl, the Boy and the Rest does a great job of telling us that story"

-John Kontos


released March 12, 2011

music composed and performed by Alex Kozobolis.

"boundaries" and "no retreat, no consolation" recorded and engineered by Rafael Haley.

narration written by Alex Kozobolis (except "sleep of death" speech which is an excerpt from Hamlet by Will.I.Am Shakespeare) and narrated by Joseph Terence Henchy



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